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"I met Salvatore at GSK, we used to work for over a year as consultants in several projects as well as country controllers. Salvatore’s ability to control and to streamline financial processes was remarkable. His structured approach to managing resources and deliverables was certainly a value enabler and determinant to achieve corporate objectives. I look forward to working with Salvatore soon."

T. T. - Finance Manager


“I know Salvatore since 2015. Salvatore is proficient in driving continuous improvement and leading finance operations. He is also experienced in getting the best out of people thanks to his emotional intelligence and cultural engagement. Salvatore would be an asset to any organisation! I highly recommend Salvatore.

J. P. - Senior HR 


"I have known and worked with Salvatore for the past three years, while he carried out some essential consultancy work for Spin Master. He has a very structured, and highly organised approach to his work, and never failed to deliver his analysis on time. His reports, and a particular manual on SG&A were put together in a way that made them very clear and easy to understand (for a non-finance manager)! What really impressed me about Salvo was his teamwork, and high energy levels and "spirit" within the finance team, and within the greater office. He has a wonderful personality, and brought much needed energy at a difficult time for the finance team. I wouldn't hesitate in bringing Salvo back into the business on either a consultancy, or full time basis."

S. T. - General Manager


“Salvatore is a great business partner, able to manage complex situations in a cooperative and supportive manner. Able to take the lead in creating effective controls and in finding new solutions, has been a key support in all the period we worked together.”

D. C. - General Manager 


"I had the pleasure to work with Salvatore from early 2018, a few months after I was promoted Financial Analyst at Spin Master. I really enjoyed working with him because I had the chance to work on new and more complex finance deliverables such as reporting, compliance, and financial planning & analysis. His invaluable support allowed me to improve my knowledge and therefore to become more efficient and productive. Any team member would be lucky to have Salvatore as a manager, coach or mentor."

L. K. - Finance Analyst


“I met Salvatore during an intensive and exciting Fintech programme at Said Business School, Oxford University. Salvatore was one of the most active, quick , and hardworking group members. His background in Finance and ability to debunk numbers helped us to assess our start up project from a different angle and from investors prospective. His contribution to the project was enormous and his desire to set high standards were clearly visible. Thank you Sal for making hard education process so exciting. I have learned a lot from you and the team mostly through our discussions and analysis.

Oxford Fintech Program and WallX project rock! ;)”

N. D. - Managing Director 


“It was a pleasure to have Salvatore in my team. In a short period, Salvatore was able to build great rapport and valuable member of the management team for the Italian market. He demonstrated his ability to successfully manage a geographically dispersed team. Salvatore has completed complex projects such as the integration and fiscal merger of an acquisition in Italy within tight deadlines. He requires minimal guidance which allowed me to focus on the bigger picture.”

M. M. - Group CFO


“I had the privilege of working with Salvatore at GSK, collaborating on several projects. Salvatore is a great professional to work with. Not only he has the ability to quickly understand the challenges of the projects he is in responsible of but he is capable to anticipate issues and improve processes providing the key performance indicators for control and efficiency. Salvatore is highly committed, creative thinker and a leader with the ability to motivate and coach the team members. He is unique and such a good person. Salvatore would be a true asset to any team.”

R. C. – Financial Controller 


“I had the pleasure of working with Salvo for sometimes at the Xerox, collaborating on several project teams. I was particularly impressed by Salvatore's ability to handle even the toughest clients and effortlessly, it seemed to come perfectly naturally to him. Salvo would be an asset to any team”

U. V. - IT QA 



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